DandAD Awards

Two category nominations accepted for the DandAD Awards - we will know in April 2012...Centura Pearl

The Brief...

To create a conceptual design to launch a new section of an existing range. To be used in a new presentation swatch wallet, exhibitions, advertising, marketing and business/sale development. The paper range - Accent, looks like 5 sheets of white paper until you put them in sunlight or strong lighting. We needed a way of demonstrating their qualities and being unique in the concept.


The Solution...

Printed samples of the new product and the display has been designed for presentation, impact and individuality. 2 ft wide origami glitter ball, used on the exhibition stands and art directed photography with product shots. Exhibited in Frankfurt with Product swatch wallets January 2012. Flapping origami birds as giveaways, used to display and enhance unique aspects of the product with samples.

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The Business Network Chester

The Brief...

Design an original, classy, unique invite that will entreat and entice Blue chip companies, or similar MD's to accept and attend an event.


The Solution...

Designed to catch their attention and adopt a special feel with paper quality, design presentation, layout and typography. Illustration denotes pattern and behaviour of peoples movements traced 'when working a room' in a corporate business. Quality Testimonials.


Centura Pearl - Slater Harrison - Frankfurt launch January 2012

‘Slater Harrison needed a striking way to
show the new Centura Pearl range of decorative paper and card to customers.

The innovative nature of the product
demanded original thinking, and
Fox Graphics did not disappoint.'

'The strapline ‘Just Add Light’ captures the essence of the product, and encourages the customer to take time and evaluate the benefits of Centura Pearl properly. The inclusion of finished printed products in the presenter draws the customer in, and makes him think about how he can use them to add value for his business.

Please visit - www.centurapearl.co.uk
to see their full product range.

Distributors who received the swatch on the first mailout have come back, demanding as many as possible, so that they can use them to promote Centura Pearl to their customers.‘

‘It’s early days, but the reaction suggests we have a winner.‘

Brian Bogie
Sales Director, Slater Harrison & Co Ltd

Frankfurt launch January 2012

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David Brill - International Origami specialist

I first met Kate Fox in July ’11 to discuss the launch of Slater Harrison's Centura Pearl paper range. Her idea was to display the new paper using large origami stars and balls. 

Eventually, we agreed on two of my existing designs: these were to be made with lots of folded units techniques: the units are connected to form a large stable construction. Normally I try to make the results stable enough to hold together by folding alone, but it was soon clear that at the larger sizes required, they would need to be glued together to be made more secure. I hate glue! My hands get covered with the stuff, and it somehow always gets on the outside of the piece. More importantly I find that I cannot rework any errors I’ve made, once the glue has set. But my wife Assia, who is a lot more patient than I, helped me and gave me her views about how we could finish the job.

For strength, I decided to build a larger card armature over which the finished units could sit. We spent a couple of weeks in November working hard on the project, and the finished pieces were delivered on time. I’m relieved that the pieces traveled to Frankfurt without disintegrating! I was pleased with the result, and I think so were Kate and Brian Bogie (Slater Harrison). 

Some pictures of the project in progress here.

Try your hand at some origami yourself here: You can even try to build your OWN Centura Pearl ball which is here entitled 30º Fuse ball.

David Brill
February 2012

Visit David's website at www.brilliantorigami.com

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