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Websites are part of your social communication! don’t get left behind

Websites are part of your digital conversation and communication with your social media presence and marketing message, make sure you are not left behind and recognized by modern technology. We now have a service/facility that can take all the pressure off you, by incorporating design and intelligent marketing/project managing we can tailor make your company‚Äôs […]

Do you remember Yellow Pages? what a nice surprise……

“Do you remember Yellow Pages? what a nice surprise…..”]Do you remember Yellow Pages, and advertising and the copy coming through the door! well, this week, that is exactly what happened, and I casually looked inside to see who still uses this and there, a blast from the past, was a client I had not seen […]

Some of our latest work

Click here to download a pdf showcasing some of Kate’s latest work portfolio – Kate Fox 14.04.14 -2

Newsletter March 2012

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DandAD Awards

Two category nominations accepted for the DandAD Awards – we will know in April…